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MoneyGuidePro has been the most-used financial planning software for seven straight years, according to Financial Planning’s survey of RIAs.

Why? MoneyGuidePro's unique ability to make sophisticated, goal-based planning fast and easy. We believe every investor needs and deserves a high-quality financial plan and that every advisor should have the means to provide it. Because MoneyGuidePro is smart, easy-to-use and adaptable, you can now provide a profitable planning experience for every client. For college, retirement, estate and Social Security planning, asset allocation and insurance needs analysis, tech integration and account aggregation, your choice is simple: MoneyGuidePro.

Proven Results

Impact to Revenue

Impact to Revenue

Advisors who created 10 or more plans increased their revenue by 56%.
Impact to Additional Revenue

Impact to Additional Revenue

Advisors who incorporated MoneyGuidePro saw significant revenue increases in all of their product offering.
Impact to Referrals

Impact to Referrals

Clients who received a plan prepared by the firm were 75% more likely to refer their advisors.

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myMoneyGuide: A guided planning experience

myMoneyGuide® is a 90-minute guided online planning experience where participants build their own personalized plan for retirement. Our instructors moderate the process and position you as the financial professional who can help enhance and implement that plan.

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MoneyGuideLive! is a hands-on interactive lab where advisors gain an understanding of how to effectively use MoneyGuidePro with their clients. Our experts will coach attendees through multiple case studies and different facets of the software to help develop the knowledge to create and confidently deliver an impactful financial plan.

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Aggregation service provided by the pioneers of aggregation and the original engine behind Mint.com® Find all your clients' assets, including those held away.

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