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MoneyGuidePro®, created by PIEtech®, is dedicated to making goal-based financial planning efficient and approachable. We provide easy-to-use financial planning tools that help advisors of all sizes customize their planning services to meet the unique needs of their clients.

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We help advisors succeed by giving them technology tools that make it simple to engage with each client—personally—and focusing on relationships while at the same time building trust through accessible digital solutions.

Over 6 million plans Over $4 trillion in assets
#1 Financial Planning Software 10 years in a row!
Financial Planning Magazine, 2017 Survey

Powerful Industry Leading Integrations

Strong integrations can help you be more efficient - reducing manual and duplicative work - and improve data quality in your plans. Ultimately, your clients' plans are better with more accurate and complete data.

CRM Software • Client Portal / Vaulting • Account Aggregation • Portfolio Analytics • Investment Policy Statement • Risk Tolerance • Portfolio Management / Performance • Custodian Trade Platforms

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To Charge or Not to Charge:

Exploring Industry Trends and Best Practices

As a financial planning software company, we are often asked by advisors how much other advisors charge for financial planning and how they charge. This white paper is a result of the recent PIEtech® survey of over 1,400 advisors.

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