Most programs are either simple and useless or sophisticated and endless! MoneyGuidePro® is the only program I've found that's both easy-to-use and provides sophisticated meaningful results.

Harold Evensky, CFP®

I have been using MoneyGuidePro® in my financial planning practice for about a year now. Without exaggeration, I can say it has revolutionized the way in which I help clients plan for their future.

The primary strengths of MoneyGuidePro®, from my perspective, are ease of use, minimization of complexity, shareability with clients, and attractive interface. All four have contributed mightily to making MoneyGuidePro® a mainstay of my practice.

As you know, I believe that long-range financial forecasts should strike a balance between inclusiveness of assumptions, and clarity of presentation. MoneyGuidePro® appears to have achieved that balance. The software does not overwhelm me or my clients with endless complexity. As Warren Buffet has said, it is more important to be associated with long-range financial forecasts. MoneyGuidePro® does a great job of helping my clients see approximately what their future will be like.

Because it is web-based, I am able to use MoneyGuidePro® with clients anywhere on the globe. Clients don't even have to come to my office; we frequently use teleconferences, the client in front of his computer, I in front of mine. That is in keeping with my philosophy of making financial planning as easy and painless as possible for the client.

Above all, I and my clients really enjoy using MoneyGuidePro®. It is a beautiful piece of software. Although it satisfies 90% of my needs now, I look forward to future enhancements.

William P. Bengen, CFP®, M.S., Bengen Financial Services, Inc., El Cajon, CA

This is the easiest, most productive financial planning software I have ever used. I've been through MPlan, NaviPlan, Sterling Wentworth, and about two or three others. Yours is the best.

John Steele, CFP®, The Retirement Planners, St. Clair, MO

To anyone and everyone who has anything to do with MoneyGuidePro®, please know that the people who use your product are very appreciative. I know many advisors who use MoneyGuidePro® and rave about it. In fact, that's how I first came to try it.

A fellow member of the Garrett Planning Network introduced me to MoneyGuidePro® the afternoon before a client presentation. In about an hour, she explained MoneyGuidePro® to me in enough detail that I actually presented some nice preliminary results to the clients. They were happy, and I was thrilled!

Thank you and please keep up the awesome work!

Dave Ressner, Ressner Financial Planning, St. Louis, MO

This is just a short note to the support persons and management at PIEtech℠ [now named Envestnet MoneyGuide] to express our appreciation and offer our compliments for the excellent service we have received since subscribing for your MoneyGuidePro® planning tool several months ago. Your support team has been very helpful and knowledgeable, understanding and courteous, and almost always available when we call! The initial training and new release training that we received from MoneyGuidePro® Support were excellent and the format with conference call and on-line graphics worked extremely well.

Furthermore, we are very pleased with the MoneyGuidePro® planning tool and the enhancements which were included with the new release. The tool is very powerful and flexible.

I congratulate you for your technology and your high quality service. I believe other planners agree with my assessment, having seen the favorable reviews which MoneyGuidePro® has received in professional publications!

David Fryk, CFP®

"As a new user and a new planner, I have been amazed at how easy and flexible both the program and support staff are in producing a quality document. My clients have been delighted with their ability to understand asset allocation decisions with the Monte Carlo game and the opportunity to do their own updates which is part of my business model. Thanks MoneyGuidePro® - you're part of my success.

Jim Ludwick, MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc., Odenton, MD

"Thanks for the excellent support over the weekend. I was working Sunday afternoon and having trouble printing reports when I received a call from one of your programmers. He was monitoring the system and saw that I was having trouble and called to offer assistance. He was courteous, professional, and effective at fixing the problem as well as answering several other questions I had. A call from a programmer is better than good service any day of the week but on a Sunday it's extraordinary. Thanks!!!

Scot Schoeppler CFP®, AAMS, Performance Capital Management

We recently switched to NaviPlan from MoneyGuidePro® because our clearing agent informed us that they had integrated NaviPlan into their internet platform. At first, we were delighted with the idea of an integrated platform - no entering client data, automatic investment updates, etc. - sounded great!

Once we made the switch, however, we quickly realized the tradeoff we had made. Data integration had come at the cost of flexibility and simplicity. As a wealth management firm that caters to high net-worth families, it is imperative that we be able to easily customize plans, run different scenarios, and explain the plans in a manner that is simple and intuitive. In MoneyGuidePro®, we have found all of these characteristics and much more!

Thanks again for designing such a user-friendly product and also for working with us in our transition back to your company.

Joey Levy, Money Managers & Co., Republic of Panama
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