MoneyGuidePro Overview Webinar(s)
Join us for a 45-minute overview of how MoneyGuidePro can help your practice.

10/23/2014 at 4:00pm ET
10/24/2014 at 1:00pm ET
10/27/2014 at 1:00pm ET
10/28/2014 at 4:00pm ET
10/29/2014 at 1:00pm ET
10/30/2014 at 4:00pm ET
10/31/2014 at 10:30am ET

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  • Goal-based and client-centered – the industry leader.
  • Sophisticated, not complicated – planning made fast and easy.
  • Educational and motivational – with My Snapshot and Play Zone®.
  • Retirement ready – with a Social Security maximizer.
  • Integration and aggregation – save time and find assets.
  • Superior Support - Live Call Rate: 83%*
    (*Avg. Live call rate 2011-2013)
  • Powerful, profitable planning.
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MoneyGuidePro has been the most-used financial planning software for six straight years, according to Financial Planning’s survey of RIAs.

Why? MGP's unique ability to make sophisticated, goal-based planning fast and easy. We believe every investor needs and deserves a high-quality financial plan and that every advisor should have the means to provide it. Because MGP is smart, easy-to-use and adaptable, you can now provide a profitable planning experience for every client. For college, retirement, estate and Social Security planning, asset allocation and insurance needs analysis, tech integration and account aggregation, your choice is simple: MoneyGuidePro.

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  • My Snapshot
    Show clients their progress towards long-term Goals, not just investment or portfolio returns. How is your client doing right now? You and your client can see how they are doing any time from any device (Tablet, phone) with one click.
    SuperSolve® just got more super with automatic Social Security maximization.
    Play Zone®
    Slide your way to a successful plan with Play Zone®, the fast, easy and fun way for you and your client to create and modify a plan.
    Social Security Max
    What's the best Social Security strategy for this client? Automatically compare up to six strategies.
  • Zoomer™
    Sophisticated retirement planning at calculator speed. Great for prospecting and mass-affluent clients.
    Goal Builder
    It's fun and easy to create a picture of your Client's financial life with Retirement Goal Builder: in your office or on an iPad over coffee. Or, let your clients do it themselves.
    What Are You Afraid Of?
    Address client fears about investment losses, inflation, health care, longevity and more with one click.
    Results Control Center
    One place to create your recommended plan using SuperSolve®, Play Zone®, or What If.
  • Loss Tolerance
    Forget long Risk Tolerance Questionnaires. Get a better result with a single-question slider.
    Portfolio Probability Matrix
    Can they reach their Goals with a lower-risk portfolio? Find out with one click.
    My Way®
    Easily personalize MGP to suit your own needs and create the exact experience you want for each client.
    Special Assets
    Many clients count on the future sale of a business, home, or other asset to fund Goals. Demonstrate how a lower-than-expected sale price could affect their plan.
  • SmartAlex®
    SmartAlex® is your personal computer assistant; she will explain the most important features on each page (but only when you ask her to.)
    Never leave Presentation again! With one click, access to SuperSolve®, Play Zone®, and report pages, so it lets you respond immediately to client questions.
    A wide range of detailed reports that are easily accessed online or printed.
    Star Track
    Provides a visual summary of the clients' progress toward achieving their Financial Goals over time.
  • What If
    The most powerful What If on the planet.
    Asset Allocation
    A robust set of Asset Allocation capabilities in both within a Financial Goal Plan and as a separate module.
    Fully-integrated module for Risk management; including life insurance, disability, and LTC.
    For clients who need help freeing up money for additional savings.

We know that building a successful (and efficient) financial practice requires more than just great Financial Planning Software. You must have other applications, such as CRM, Portfolio Management, Portfolio Analysis and Aggregation. That's why MGP has taken a leadership role in integration.

Our goal is to let you choose the best program for each core application with confidence that it will integrate well with MGP. Here are some of our key Integration Partners.

MGP offers Yodlee and FinaMetricaPro as optional add-on products (additional fees apply). Yodlee provides full Account Aggregation capabilities and FinaMeterica provides a scientifically validated risk tolerance questionnaire that is unique in the industry.

Join us for a 45-minute overview of MoneyGuidePro to help you decide if it's the right fit for your practice.

Topics Covered Include:
  • What makes MoneyGuidePro different from other financial planning software.
  • How MoneyGuidePro will help you spend more time with your clients, less time creating financial plans.
  • How to engage your clients in the planning process.
  • How to create a financial plan that your clients will understand.

Your MoneyGuidePro subscription includes the following:

  • A one-year License for one advisor
  • All features and all functionality
  • Standard Set of Model Portfolios
  • All future updates at no charge
  • FREE Training - live and pre-recorded
  • FREE Support

Do you want to take MoneyGuidePro for a test drive, but aren't quite ready to start a free trial? Try navigating MoneyGuidePro with a sample client first.

This test drive will allow you to get a feel for MoneyGuidePro without entering any data. View the clients' goals, resources, and recommended plan. Don't forget to check out the Presentation feature, which explains the results. In five minutes, you can get a feel for the navigation, and see exactly what MoneyGuidePro looks like.

Keep in mind - this is a "View Only" sample client... which means that you cannot change any of the data.

Your 14-day trial provides you with unlimited use of the MoneyGuidePro system for one advisor. Try MoneyGuidePro with your clients or prospects.

  • Full functionality
  • Free support and training during your trial and after your purchase
  • Create reports and present to clients.

#1 Financial Planning Software

In June 2014, InvestmentNews, surveyed over 1,100 advisors on their technology usage and satisfaction. MoneyGuidePro is proud to be ranked the #1 Financial Planning Software by surveyed advisors. Each year we continue to innovate, invest and improve our offerings. We take pride in challenging the status quo, leveraging the latest technology, and incorporating feedback from our valued subscribers. As the industry leader, MoneyGuidePro continues to focus on providing advisors with sophisticated yet understandable plans that engage and motivate clients to make better financial choices.