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MGP: G4 takes what is already the industry’s leading financial planning application to a whole new level.

Joel Bruckenstein

Industry Expert

Everyone needs and deserves a quality financial plan.℠

Raise. The. Bar.

MoneyGuidePro® G4 raises the bar, making the client experience consistent and quality financial plans possible on a large scale. It increases your efficiency and enables you to add value to the planning process based on your experience, knowledge and relationship.


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Understand Your Client

Streamline data gathering. Explore expectations and concerns to create better plans.

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Health Care Costs

With one click, you can include health care costs—one of the largest expenses in retirement.

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Social Security

Choose the strategy that maximizes your client's social security benefit.

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Simply and easily demonstrate the impact of risks and loss tolerance to a financial plan.

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Recommended Scenario

Four options provide different views of your financial plan and client's confidence zone.

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Play Zone®

This engaging feature lets your clients instantly see the impact of adjusting variables.

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What Are You Afraid Of?

Show your client the impact of market corrections, early death or unexpected costs.

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Planning Portal

This portal enables clients to focus on long term goals and discourages reactive behavior.

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Scalable Planning

The firm that delivers the quality financial plan first to the client wins. How will you be the first? myMoneyGuide® brings scale to financial planning.


A guided online planning experience where participants build their own personalized plan for retirement. Our instructors moderate the process and position you as the financial professional who can help enhance and implement that plan.

myMoneyGuide® Enterprise

This version of myMoneyGuide® allows financial institutions and employers to white-label and customize their own guided planning experience. All videos, content, conversations and output are customizable.

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What is a Quality Financial Plan?

It's not an easy question, but MoneyGuidePro® can help. The 2016 Department of Labor (DOL) rule and Best interest Contract (BIC) requirements make investing, advice and planning inextricably linked.

In a recent survey, the majority of advisors believe that one cannot meet the standards of a fiduciary if their client doesn't have a quality plan, and they identified a number of obstacles to creating that plan.

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With in-person, virtual, or even on-demand training, you and your staff can obtain the knowledge you need delivered in the manner that best fits you. Whether it is the technical “how-to” training you require, or perhaps best practices and positioning, we have a solution that can help.

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Planning Portal

The Client Planning Portal helps clients determine whether they are on track to meet their goals in retirement. The Probability of Success Meter reminds clients of their current plan results and measures their confidence in achieving their goals.

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