Our Company

PIEtech℠ is dedicated to one thing - helping advisors use financial planning to more effectively motivate each client to create, implement and maintain an investment strategy that best meets their lifetime financial goals.

Our Software

MoneyGuidePro® is the first collaborative internet-based financial planning software that makes this easy to accomplish. Its unique client-centered approach supports a sophisticated, goal-oriented planning process that is more meaningful to the client and more productive for the advisor.

Consultant's View

"I've had the privilege of serving as the financial planning consultant for PIEtech℠ for almost a decade. Admittedly I'm biased, but I believe the results of our collaboration are reflected in the finest financial planning software available in the world today."

- Harold R. Evensky, CFP®, AIF®
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What PIE Does

At PIEtech℠, we develop financial planning software for financial advisors. Since we believe that everyone can benefit from professional financial advice, we don't try to replace the advisor with software. In fact, it's just the opposite. Our goal is to enhance the advisor's value by enhancing the value of the financial planning process for each client.

  • Developing great financial software is the only thing we do.
  • We've been doing it since 1985.
  • MoneyGuidePro® was designed and written from scratch in 2000 to take maximum advantage of the extraordinary capabilities of the Internet.
  • We understand the real-world uses and challenges of financial planning.
  • We are a customer-focused company, before and after the sale.
  • Our goal isn't to be your financial software vendor. It's to help you obtain so much value from the use of our software that you view us as your financial software partner.
  • Our passion is creating financial software that helps you improve peoples' financial lives. And, by doing that, it also improves the financial lives of the advisors who use it.

What PIE Means

Several of our clients have asked us about our company name. The acronym PIE stands for Plan - Invest - Enjoy. We believe that the main purpose of financial planning is to assist clients with their financial needs in a way that frees them from worry, and allows them to go enjoy their lives. Hence, "Plan" better, "Invest" smarter, then "Enjoy" life more.

We've been influenced in so many ways by our Quality Experts, Harold Evensky and Deena Katz. Our name is no exception. Harold and Deena, both, talk about financial planning as a periodic - not daily - process. They encourage their clients to periodically review their plan and their investments, and then go on with enjoying their lives. So, the "Enjoy" in PIE also reflects, perhaps more subtly, our philosophy that financial planning is a periodic process, not a daily review of and reaction to investment performance.

So, when we say that developing financial planning software is all we do, we're not kidding. We built our company name around the financial planning process.

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