Engage. Educate. Motivate.

Create a meaningful and personal experience for your clients that promotes productive financial conversations and showcases your value as their advisor.

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MyBlocks is transforming the advisor-client dynamic through interactive modules that allow clients to explore their lives and discover powerful answers to complex questions.

Meet the Needs of the Extended Family

Your clients bring more to the table than their assets. They bring their family, extended family, and even friends. Expand your client base to include all members of the family.

Address common financial needs like - paying off credit cards and college loans, starting an emergency fund, experience goals, and more.

By addressing the needs of the entire family, you'll be providing solutions to secure your clients for a lifetime.

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Know How Much It's Going to Cost

When was the last time you had a fun conversation about inflation?

Probably never but now you can - have your client take the inflation quiz. The quiz will test their ability to predict the future cost of items like a loaf of bread, a burger, and tickets to Disney.

The results may surprise clients and stimulate questions about whether or not they are financially prepared to address inflation costs and retain their lifestyle and retirement goals.

Plan for the Unexpected

When the United States federal government shut down for 35 days from December 22, 2018 until January 25, 2019, do you think those impacted individuals who missed a paycheck were in a low income bracket?

Answer: No. They were middle class Americans who may or may not have had an emergency fund in place for unexpected life events.

MyBlocks is a fun and familiar place for your clients to explore their life and discover what they need or should consider for their livelihood now and in the future. Giving your client access to MyBlocks opens the door to new conversations you and your client may not have thought you needed to have.

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