Building better planning habits starts with making tools accessible, easy to use, and digital. MoneyGuidePro gives advisors an innovative, convenient approach by creating tools that the client can access—anywhere, anytime.

Understand Your Client

MoneyGuidePro® conversations simplify client driven data gathering. Select a conversation and send a link to your client for them to input their data. This streamlined process gets needed information directly into the plan.

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Health Care Costs

Our Health Care Smart Goal calculates health care costs, one of your clients' largest expenses in retirement, specific to your client’s modified adjusted gross income.

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Social Security

What social security option makes the most sense for your client? This feature auto calculates multiple options and then incorporates the selected strategy into the financial plan.

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Explore loss tolerance and longevity in the Risk feature. Couples can input separate loss tolerances, define an agreeable household number and evaluate their own responses to losses.

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Recommended Scenario

Four strategies to improve your clients' plans and provide them with options: Choices, Play Zone®, What If and SuperSolve®.

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Play Zone®

The Play Zone® gives your clients the opportunity to stretch, tug, and pull at their plan’s corners. Could they retire a little earlier? Assume a little more risk? Save a little more?

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What Are You Afraid Of?

What Are You Afraid Of allows your clients to test their plan with risks that cannot be controlled but that can be mitigated - recessions, inflation, health or long-term care costs and more.

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Planning Portal

The Client Planning Portal helps focus your clients on what’s most important and whether their plan is still on track. The Probability of Success Meter displays current plan results and measures client confidence in achieving their goals.

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Client Marketing

We offer several types of questionnaires, forms, and videos to help you communicate effectively with your clients and gather the necessary information to create a plan. Customize print documents with your contact information and logo.

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Additional fee per add-on.

With MX® and MoneyGuidePro®, you create a living plan for your clients – providing meaningful probability of success in meeting their long-term goals.

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Provide your clients with access to Yodlee through the Client Portal so that they can link their accounts. Empower them with personal financial management tools and create a more complete and informed view of your clients.

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With a seamless integration, the Finametrica Risk Tolerance profile allows the client’s natural risk tolerance to be clearly identified and you to reconcile differences between couples.

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