Now Offering Cash Flow and Estate Planning

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Wealth Studios provides detailed cash flow planning report and advanced estate and legacy planning capabilities in MoneyGuide.

Lifestyle Studio

Engage your clients with the ultimate, interactive experience, which will allow them to co-design their own plan and make informed decisions for their future.

  • Co-Creation: Collaborate with your client as you design a plan that fits their unique situation.
  • Strategic Thinking: Incorporate new strategies and discuss financial opportunities while stress testing their financial plan.
  • Interactive Design: Engage your clients with the ultimate Advisor-Client experience for planning.

Legacy Studio

Finally, an advanced estate planning tool that not only simplifies the complexity of estate techniques, but also provides clients with the knowledge needed for them to actively participate in their own legacy planning.

  • Deeper Visibility: Provide insight and peace of mind with comprehensive legacy illustrations and educational content.
  • Plan for the Future: Educate your clients on various strategies that can help to protect their wealth as well as show them how to equalize and distribute their assets effectively.
  • Build a Lasting Legacy: Demonstrate the transition of wealth between generations, the impact of establishing trusts, and the benefits of various gifting strategies.

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