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Envestnet MoneyGuide is dedicated to making goal-based financial planning efficient and approachable. We provide easy-to-use financial planning tools that help advisors of all sizes customize their planning services to meet the unique needs of their clients.

MoneyGuideOne enables advisors new to planning, or introducing planning to their practice, to create financial plans in minutes without compromising on quality.

It leverages MoneyGuidePro’s dynamic, goal-based planning technology and calculation engine behind the scenes, but with select, easy-to-navigate options and scenarios.

Online Fact Finder

Give clients the ability to fact find on their time

Health Care Cost Smart Goal

Give advice on detailed health care costs in retirement

Test Variables in Play Zone®

The most collaborative way to help clients adjust what's in their control

Allocation Comparison

Compare current and target allocation recommendations

Time Saving Integrations

More time saving integrations than any other planning software

Auto Goals

Leverage AI to create a fun, motivating lifestyle in one click

Risk Tolerance

Interactivley position risk capacity

Holistic Stress Testing

Answer the tough questions we can't control, in the move of a slider

Client Planning Portal

Give your clients the portal experience that focuses on long-term success

Designed for advisors with the client in mind, MoneyGuidePro® provides sophisticated solutions and smart assumptions to help advisors navigate the complex financial elements of their clients’ lives.

Includes All MoneyGuideOne Features Plus

What If Worksheet

The Power-User Feature, change up to five scenarios in one place

Plan Summary

Detailed, customizable Executive Summary and Action Items

Custom Report Templates

Customize report templates to fit your presentation flow

Estate Planning

Federal and State Estate Tax, Flow Charts and What Ifs

Custom CMA's

Customize Asset Classes, Portfolios and their underlying assumptions

Social Security Optimization

The strategy may pay the most, but is it the best for the plan?

Detail Plan Analytics

More detailed than you should ever need, when it's right for the client

Net Worth

Full Digital and Print Net Worth Statements

Risk Management

Life Insurance, Disability and LTC analysis

MoneyGuideElite is an advanced planning product for advisors seeking to offer more sophisticated planning services. It enables advisors to illustrate income distribution, analyze the benefits and tradeoffs of annuities in the plan, and uncover a new way to protect their clients’ plan in our advanced lifetime protection module.

Includes All MoneyGuidePro Features Plus

Total Income Modeling

Dynamic distribution presentation module

Advanced Lifetime Protection

Protect your clients over their lifetime, not just today

Secure Income Modeling

Advanced annuity strategy modeling to cover essential expenses

Client Marketing

We offer several types of questionnaires, forms, and videos to help you communicate effectively with your clients and gather the necessary information to create a plan. Customize print documents with your contact information and logo.

9 out of 10 advisors would recommend MoneyGuidePro®
to a friend or a colleague.


Additional fee per add-on.

With MX® and MoneyGuide, you create a living plan for your clients – providing meaningful probability of success in meeting their long-term goals.

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Provide your clients with access to Yodlee through the Client Portal so that they can link their accounts. Empower them with personal financial management tools and create a more complete and informed view of your clients.

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With a seamless integration, the Finametrica Risk Tolerance profile allows the client’s natural risk tolerance to be clearly identified and you to reconcile differences between couples.

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